Cranberry Maple Stuffing with Jones Sausage

Every want to change up your Stuffing recipe in the most incredible way ever! Cranberry Maple Stuffing with Jones Sausage | #thankgiving #holiday #ad

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You’ll love the “sweet side” of stuffing with this Cranberry Maple Stuffing made with a salty All Natural Jones Sausage, blueberries, cranberries, and softened apples. Its the ultimate holiday recipe!

Ok, do you guys realize that Thanksgiving is in less than 30 days! It’s crazy! I feel like I was just starting my New Years Goals for 2014 and we are already almost in 2015…. {ugh… slow down!}

Any who, since it’s almost Thanksgiving time I thought I would start whipping out some of the good ole’ Thanksgiving recipes!

But, I have a confession to make and its pretty serious business. Today’s recipe, if you couldn’t already tell by the title is a Stuffing recipe .. here’s the confession…

I actually never liked Stuffing {or Dressing.. whatever floats your boat} growing up.

My mom use to make it with PepperRidge Farm Croutons, celery {which I also despise}, and sausage. The stuffing was always an after thought in our house, nobody really ate it but we had it on the table because it was Thanksgiving and you “needed” to have that on the table.

It was always so gross… super salty, soggy, and ughh yuck! {sorry mom.. I loved everything else!}

Every want to change up your Stuffing recipe in the most incredible way ever! Cranberry Maple Stuffing with Jones Sausage | #thankgiving #holiday #ad

So needless to say when I got married and we started doing our own Thanksgivings, stuffing was not on the menu …. until this year that is!

What changed my mind you ask?

Well .. this recipe! Even though I didn’t eat stuffing, I know most people do.  So out of the love of my heart I fought through off my stuffing dislike and cooked up this Cranberry Maple Stuffing with Jones Sausage. Let me tell ya… I’m officially a Stuffing convert!

This stuffing is sweet, salty, tart … basically an organized chaos flavor explosion in your mouth!

It has all your favorite heavy hitters of Thanksgiving Day: apples, cranberries, and Sausage.

I used Jones Dairy Farm Sausage for the stuffing which is actually the only Sausage I use because I think its the best quality! It’s All-Natural, gluten free, no MSG,  no Preservatives and they have been making the stuff for 125 years so they must be doing something right!

The browned sausage adds just the right amount of saltiness to compliment the fresh blueberries, cranberries, apples, and maple syrup in this recipe to create the ultimate Thanksgiving Day Stuffing!

This Cranberry Maple Stuffing with Jones Sausage recipe will be featured on a special brand spanking new website that Jones Dairy Farm created just for you, it’s a place for all things Stuffing.

Every want to change up your Stuffing recipe in the most incredible way ever! Cranberry Maple Stuffing with Jones Sausage | #thankgiving #holiday #ad

The website is called It’s actually pretty cool, there are more than 25 seriously awesome stuffing recipes on there {mine included} along with videos, cooking tips, AND a free $1.00 off coupon on your next Jones Dairy Farm purchase so you can save a little more over the holidays!! Hope you go to the site to get this recipe, it totally delivers on flavor plus you will wow your guests on Thanksgiving Day! Always a bonus!


Jones Dairy Farm is always posting amazing recipes on Facebook and Twitter, so if you like good food {which I’m sure you do} then you need to go on a follow them to get delicious updates!

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