At REVIVE our goal is to help you live the healthy balanced lifestyle you were designed for. Revive means restoring life or consciousness, regaining life or strength. Basically, it means, to COME BACK TO LIFE! And that is exactly the heart behind our mission – to restore life! Are you ready?


➔ Have you tried everything to “get healthy” but look in the mirror and still not like what you see?

➔ Do you feel strong physically, but can’t stop the negative self-talk?

➔ Have you told yourself, “I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t know where to start.”

➔ Do you struggle with being consistent, or having the discipline to stick to something?

➔ Maybe you know that you’re made for more, but you can’t figure out what’s blocking you?

➔ Do you want to finally feel confident in who you are? And stop allowing those around you to define your worth?

I’m Krista – the face, voice, photographer, recipe creator and heart behind Joyful Healthy Eats and REVIVE! I have a degree in Sports Wellness and Management and a Ph.D. in bougie food. But hiding behind all of that is a heart that wants to help people reach the healthy lifestyle I know they can and see people walk in freedom. I want to help you release EVERYTHING that holds you back. You were made for so much more friends and deep in your heart you know it! I want to call it out of you and see you come alive!


Every other “healthy living” program focuses on what you should eat, how much to eat or what workouts to do. Do all of these things and THEN you’ll reach your goal. But here’s the deal – they’re missing it!

You were uniquely created with a mind, body and soul. So it only makes sense, if you want to see sustainable change for living a healthy lifestyle, you need to address all three! It’s the only way to affect real change! In REVIVE, that’s exactly what we focus on, we attack all three in a very systematic way.

  1. Mind: All things start with the mind, it holds our failures and successes both past, present and future. Which is why REVIVE starts by focusing on the mind and our thought life. Out with the old, in with the new! Buckle up buttercup, it’s gonna be good!
  2. Body: In the body section, we’ll dive into all things nutrition and fitness. AKA my jam – so you’re gonna love this section. Learn what to eat to fuel your body, how to lean out, build muscle and feel like your best self!
  3. Soul: The “soul” is the innermost part of you! It’s where your heart and mind intertwine to form the person you are. So many of us are walking around as half shells of the person we know we are. We walk in shame, fear or guilt of the past – consuming our thoughts and emotions. It’s time to let go friends. It’s time to release the weight that has been weighing you down and walk into the person you really are. Loved. Valued. Worthy. Unique. Radiant!


In this 8 week Virtual Course, you will have weekly meetings with Krista as she guides you through each section of the REVIVE material. You’ll transform your mind, cultivate a heart of gratitude, learn what to eat to fuel your body, understand macros, the importance of fitness and how to nurture your soul so that all three components are working in unison! The person you dream to be is knocking, will you open the door and step into it?

Starting March 20, 2024