Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches

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Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches #breakfast #grabandgo #sandwich #quickbreakfast #lowcalorie #eggs #PMedia #ad #BreakfastDelight

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jimmy Dean, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BreakfastDelight  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.

I don’t know about you, but patience is a virtue I am still working on. When it comes to a bite to eat in the morning, especially during the week I don’t want to make some gourmet meal. {I save those for the weekends :)} I would much rather just grab a bowl of granola, a banana with peanut butter, or a muffin and be on my way. Sadly though, some mornings it turns into just a cup of coffee and I am out the door running errands or going to the park with the little man.

Until I tried out these new Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches! They are perfect and fit my “food on the go” mentality. These sandwiches are not only delicious but they are ready in 2 minutes and 30 seconds! Now that is a win in my book!

Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches #breakfast #grabandgo #sandwich #quickbreakfast #lowcalorie #eggs #PMedia #ad #BreakfastDelight

In order to get these awesome sandwiches ready all you need to do is pull the packaging off, wrap them in a paper towel, and place them in the microwave. What this means to me = MOMMY FRIENDLY. I can do this all with a baby boy on my hip or pulling at my leg.

Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches #breakfast #grabandgo #sandwich #quickbreakfast #lowcalorie #eggs #PMedia #ad #BreakfastDelight

These Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches are also packed with protein and are a great low calorie breakfast option with under 300 calories in each sandwich. Plus, they have quite a few options for you to choose from. So if your indecisive like me you can just get a couple and try them out.  After staring at the freezer door at Wal-mart for a while, I finally decided on the Turkey Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich on a Honey Wheat Flatbread and the Egg White with Spinach & Mozzarella Cheese on a Honey Wheat Flatbread.

Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches #breakfast #grabandgo #sandwich #quickbreakfast #lowcalorie #eggs #PMedia #ad #BreakfastDelight

As you can see my little man loved the Turkey Sausage one, but momma was more of a fan of the Egg White Spinach with Mozzarella. Serve these sandwiches with a cup of mixed berries for some antioxidants or a cup of orange juice for some vitamin c.

Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches #breakfast #grabandgo #sandwich #quickbreakfast #lowcalorie #eggs #PMedia #ad #BreakfastDelight

To pick up these quick & easy sandwiches just head to your local Wal-mart!

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22 Responses
  1. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes

    I’m a huge fan of spinach – and I have never noticed these at the store. I must find them and try them 🙂

  2. Zainab @ Blahnik Baker

    I never have time for breakfast and always have to grab something quickly. These sandwiches look perfect for that. Your little guy is so cute and is surely enjoying his breakfast 😉

    1. Krista

      They really are and have a good healthy option to run out the door with. 🙂

      Little man was definitely loving on these sandwiches, after he finished his he looked at me eating mine and said “momma.. mouth” Meaning he wants a bite.. haha.. little stinker!

  3. Julie @ This Gal Cooks

    I LOVE the turkey sausage sandwich. I just bought some over the weekend (and the spinach one too) but I am totally loving the turkey sausage sandwich. They are on sale at my grocery store so I think I am going to go get more this week!

    1. Krista

      Yeah the turkey sausage one is definitely a good one, cason loved that one plus it has more protein in it to give you that boost in the morning. I’m just a sucker for spinach. 🙂

      I am going to the grocery store tomorrow so fingers crossed that they are on sale!

  4. Paula

    I love these breakfast sandwichesm, I get the ones with Canadian bacon, it’s my afternoon snack after I get the boys from school every day! Great pictures too, Krista!

    1. Krista

      I am officially in love with them. I had the last one on Sunday and am kinda sad. Need to go get more. These would be a great afternoon snack Paula 🙂

  5. Deb@ Cooking on the Front Burner

    I’ll take one of those! Oh and the sandwich too hehe…. what a cutie. I definitely could use some quick things for breakfast! Great post!

    1. Krista

      haha.. thanks Deb! 🙂 He’s the only one I got so he’s not for sale! But I do hire out babysitters if your interested. 🙂

    1. Krista

      Glad we are on the same page Chris. I mean, I know its the most important meal of the day. I just value my sleep more so I need something quick. 🙂

  6. Lisa@ Cooking with Curls

    Awe, he’s so cute Krista!! I could use one of those sandwiches right about now, on my way out the door. 🙂

    1. Krista

      Thanks Lisa! 🙂 I need to go get more, we eat through them fast! I guess we just must be busy in the mornings and eat on the run alot!

  7. Amy @ {Life to the Full}

    These looks really good! They look like something tasty but easy to make from scratch at home, too. I shouldn’t be looking at this so close to lunch 🙂

    1. Krista

      They were super tasty and really easy to make, just put it in the microwave and press start.

      I always end up looking at food around bedtime, which is sooo not a good idea. Always go to be wanting ice cream and hamburgers! 🙂

  8. Ashley | Spoonful of Flavor

    I love grabbing something quick for breakfast before I head out the door. Breakfast sandwiches are a favorite!

    1. Krista

      Mine too, I’m just always too lazy to make them and the other ones you can buy are loaded with sodium and such. This is the first good and healthy option! 🙂

    1. Krista

      haha.. thanks Claire. He is definitely the ‘apple of my eye’. 🙂 These sandwiches are seriously awesome, and I love how easy they are. 🙂

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