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Game Day  Charcuterie Board

Game Day Board?

This Game Day Charcuterie Board is the ultimate appetizer platter. It has all the foods you love to snack on while watching the big game.

1. Grab Your Board

You can use a large sheet tray or you can also use a very large cutting board or platter.

2. Start with Sauces

First, put your sauces into small bowls. Then, arrange them on the board.

3. Add the Wings

Next, add the chicken wings and cauliflower wings. Put them into the corners of the board.

4. More Goodies

Put the soft pretzels in the middle of the board. And then arrange the jalapeños in some of the open spaces.

6. Veggies & Cheese

Place the veggies and cheese into some of the other larger open spots on the board.

7. Fill the Gaps

Fill in with chips. Use the tortilla chips and Fritos to fill in any empty spaces.


We want to make sure the food stays safe to eat as the game moves on. The food shouldn’t sit out for longer than 2 hours. That’s if it even lasts that long!