8 Easy & Delicious



1. Garlic Butter

Comes together in just 20 minutes! This easy salmon recipe is slathered in a honey garlic butter sauce then baked in a foil packet for the perfect flaky bite.

2. Spice Rub

Rubbed down with a sweet & spicy spice blend & seared in the oven for that perfect flaky bite!

3. Honey Mustard

This easy paleo recipe is made in tin foil for easy cleanup. It’s a delicious dinner that’s done in less than 30 minutes!

4. Sweet Chili

Ready in only 30 minutes! It’s a super easy baked salmon recipe with a fun Asian twist.

5. Honey Garlic

A whole salmon coated in a sweet & tangy honey garlic sauce, then baked & broiled for a delicious crispy topping.

6. Whole30

Rubbed down with a smoky spice rub, rosemary, thyme, and fresh lemons. It's bursting with flavor!

7. Citrus Baked

Succulent, tender Salmon on a bed of asparagus covered in a lemon garlic butter sauce. Topped with lemon slices and baked in a foil packet.

8. Hoisin Honey

An incredibly sweet and savory dinner in less than 20 minutes. A healthy low-carb meal using only 10 ingredients!