Five Best


For Chicken

1. Basic Dry Rub

This rub is a pantry staple.  To get a crust around the chicken, add 2 tbsp of rub to a bowl and 1 tbsp of olive oil, stir to make a paste, then rub it onto your chicken.

2. Smoky Chipotle

This rub stays true to its name. It's smoky, spicy, and deep with flavor.

3. Mediterranean

Filled with savory flavor from garlic and onion powder countered with the classic herby flavor from Greek cooking.

4. Lemon Pepper

The KEY to making this dry rub is zesting the lemon first and then spreading it out on parchment paper so the zest completely dries out.

4. Buffalo

I saved the best for last; this rub is my pride and joy! This rub adds all the same flavors without the sauce! Packed with heat.