1. Grab Your Board

Grab your Cheese Board. Get creative with a slate, wooden cheese board, cutting board, plate, etc.

2. Place the Extras

Place your “extras” in various parts of the board in ramekins, such as jams, honey, olives, pesto, artichokes, or bacon jam.

3. Time for Cheese

Arrange over the board cut and uncut. Select 1 soft cheese, 1 semi-soft cheese, 1 semi-hard cheese, and 1 hard cheese.

4. Add the Crunch

Think things like toasted baguettes, crackers, or breadsticks for “the vehicle.”

5. Place the Protein

Place your cured meat in various spots on the board. Look at your board and see where it needs a pop of color!

6. Fill It In

Take the fruits and nuts you have and fill in any open spots on the board to make the boar look super full!


See! It’s easier than you think! If you follow my easy assembly method, I guarantee you’ll have a beautiful board every time!