Harvest Apple

Bourbon Cocktail

Pitcher Recipe

The Ingredients

Cinnamon-infused Bourbon mixed with apple juice and topo chico makes this holiday cocktail flavorful, easy, and light.

Why Infuse Bourbon

To really make this cocktail scream fall, I infused the bourbon with 2 sticks of cinnamon for at least 12 hours and wow can you taste it! It seriously warms you right up!

1. Infuse Bourbon

To a small jar, add 1 cup of bourbon and 2 cinnamon sticks. Let bourbon infuse for at least 12 hours or longer.

2. Start Pouring

To a pitcher add bourbon, apple juice, and topo chico. If you need it sweeter, I’d recommend adding agave.

3. Garnish

Add sliced apple, orange peel, fresh thyme, and cinnamon sticks to garnish beverage pitcher.

4. How to Serve

Serve over ice with fresh thyme with orange zest.

Perfect for a crowd!

Save on time making pitcher cocktails. Usually, they can be prepped ahead of time, and having the cocktail in pitcher form allows you to be free from making drinks or serving while you’re hosting.