Beer Battered  Fish Tacos

What You'll Need

This recipe is packed with fresh flavors and easy-to-find ingredients. Click link for full recipe.

Make the Crema

It’s so simple! Just combine the ingredients in a small bowl & set aside.

Make the Coleslaw

To a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except cabbage and mix. Add cabbage and sitr.

Prepare Batter Station

Set up two bowls -one with the dry ingredients and the other with the egg and beer mixture.

Coat Fish

Place fish in dry mixture, then beer mixture, and then back into the dry mixture. You want the last layer to be dry.

Air Fry Fish

Spray the basket & fish with cooking spray before putting them in the air fryer. The fish is done when it’s golden brown.

Assemble Tacos

To tortilla, add coleslaw, beer battered fish, and chipotle crema. Garnish with cilantro, queso fresco, or jalapeno.