Pan Seared Salmon with Sage Brown Butter Sauce

What is Brown Butter?

Brown butter is an easy flavor booster that’s very commonly used in fine dining. It’s called “beurre noisette” in French. All you need to do is melt butter and let it simmer over medium heat until it begins to turn brown. The flavor is quite nutty and toasty.  You can add it to pastas, fish, steak, chicken, etc.

Prep the salmon

 Use a paper towel to pat the salmon dry on all sides. Season it with salt and pepper.

Cook and flip

Place Salmon in the pan flesh facing downwards. Cook until you get a nice golden sear. Flip to the skin side and cook until crispy

Brown the butter

Add butter and salt to a pan. Let it melt completely and simmer. Once it begins to brown, remove it from the heat.

Flavor it

Stir in the honey, sage, and nutmeg. Mix well.

Serve and enjoy!

Serve each fillet with a drizzle of brown butter sauce to taste. I use about 1 tablespoon per piece. Enjoy!