New York Strip Steak with Balsamic Reduction

What’s So Special About NY Strip Steak?

New York strip steak has a bold, beefy flavor with a satisfying chew. The seasoning is usually kept simple so that the meat gets a chance to shine through. The marbling on this type of cut also allows the fat to melt and make each bite super tender. The best way to cook it is on the grill or seared on the stove-top and basted with butter.

Season it

Remove the steak from the fridge and let it come down to room temperature. Season with salt and pepper on all sides.

Prep and Sear

Place a large cast-iron skillet over high heat. Add the steak. Let it cook until browned on both sides. Reduce heat. Add butter, garlic, and thyme.

Baste with butter

Carefully tilt the skillet towards you so the butter pools. Use a spoon to baste the top of the steaks with the butter mixture for 1-2 minutes.

Let rest and serve!

Remove the steak from the heat once it reaches an internal temperature of 125F. Adjust cooking time for desired doneness. Let it rest. Slice it against the grain and drizzle with balsamic reduction to taste. Enjoy!