Mistletoe Margarita


What’s the Best Tequila for This Mistletoe Margarita

Reposado is my favorite to use this margarita. It has a smooth taste and not as much of a bite so it pairs perfectly with the cranberry and lime juice and really let’s those flavors shine through. Here are my favorite brands of reposado: – Don Julio – Casa Amigos – Espolon

Sugared Cranberries and Rim

Add frozen cranberries and sugar to a bowl and mix well. If desired, add sugar tim too your glass. 

Shake in Shaker

Add ice cubes along with liquid ingredients to the cocktail shaker. Shake until  the cocktail shaker is slightly frosted and cold.

Serve and Enjoy

Fill your sugar-rimmed glass with ice. Pour the mistletoe margarita over top and garnish with rosemary sprig, lime slices and sugared cranberries.