Classic Beef Bourguignon

What is the Difference Between Beef Stew & Bourguignon? 

The main difference between Beef Stew & Beef Bourguignon is that beef stew usually does not have red wine.

What You'll Need

This recipe is packed with rich flavors and easy-to-find ingredients.

Cook Mushrooms

Heat a large skillet to medium heat; add butter &mushrooms. Saute, stirring throughout, until mushrooms are browned. Remove from pan.

Saute Pearl Onions

To that same pan, add frozen pearl onions, and saute until onions are slightly browned, stirring throughout. Remove from pan.

Cook Bacon

Then cook the bacon and render the fat. You’ll use the fat that comes from the bacon to cook the beef.

Sear the Beef

Remove the bacon from the pan and then sear the beef on all sides.  Make sure beef is dry prior to cooking.

Saute Veggies

Next, cook carrots & onions. As you do each ingredient you’re adding incredible levels of flavor to the stew!

Start Adding

Add tomato paste & garlic. You can also add the beef and bacon back to the pot.


Deglaze the pot as you pour in the wine. Add broth & thyme pot as well.

Place in Oven

Cook in the oven for an hour and 15 minutes. Combine the flour and butter in a small bowl.

 The Finishing Touches!

Place the pot on the stove & add the flour mixture, pearl onions & mushrooms. Simmer for 15 minutes & your dish is ready to be served! Bon Appetit!