Easy Chicken Street Tacos


What You'll Need

Here is what you need to make Chicken Street Tacos. Remember that the exact amounts is listed in the link below.

Make Corn Salad

I recommend doing this right before making the tacos as the salad doesn’t store very well once it’s tossed together.

Season Chicken

Season the chicken in a bowl with avocado oil. Toss the chicken to coat with the seasoning.

Sear Chicken

Make sure that you stir the chicken so that all sides are cooked evenly. Add the fresh cilantro & lime juice to chicken.

Warm Tortillas

Warm tortillas In a separate pan. The tortillas may break if they aren’t heated.

Build Your Tacos

Add chicken, salad, pickled onions, & slices of avocado to each taco shell. So Good!