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The Superbowl of all Giveaways: Win $500 Paypal Cash!

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I have kinda come to terms with the fact that this year neither of my teams would be going to the Superbowl. The Packers just had a rough time after Rodgers got hurt and the Cowboys, welll… yeah… enough said about them. 🙁

I am super excited about the match up this year though. The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos should be a great game. Peyton Manning is a rock star and the Hawks crowd is a player in and of itself.

Did you know that the Seattle Seahawks actually just reclaimed the Guiness World Record for Loudest Crowd in the World? Yeah, they are crazy!

All that said, I am even more excited about this awesome Giveaway for ya’ll!

It is the Superbowl of all Giveaways, no pun intended {ok, maybe a little}! We are giving away $500 Paypal Cash to the lucky winner. This Giveaway ends at Superbowl kickoff time, on February 2nd 6:30pm EST. Best of luck and let the games begin!
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