My Dream of the Ideal White Kitchen

When Mike and I first got married we bought a cookie cutter house.
The floor plan was already created; all we had to do was pick out the details of tile, carpet color, brick color, whether we wanted a tub or not and that was about it. Our house has served us well over the past 8 years. We’ve started our marriage in it, raised our first child in it, and made lots of memories.
But the idea of building a new house next year and being able to customize every bit of it to my liking… well… that just gets me excited.
My Ideal White Kitchen | Design Ideas | White cabinets, Gray subway tile, Color schemes, and Appliances| #OurAmericanKitchen #ad

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After all, it’s the place where all the magic on JHE happens!As I’ve started to plan and create dream boards on Pinterest {because that’s what every girl does with her ideas}, the one thing I know that will stay the same is it will have GE Appliances. There is a reason the builder of our first home used GE as the choice appliance for all their homes: they last! It’s just a good quality product!GE Appliances is a company that has been a part of the American home since 1905; they make products for the American people, for individuals, for families, and they understand every family is different and unique, with unique needs and unique history and culture. After all, that’s what makes us American people isn’t it? Our diverse, rich cultures!

GE Appliances is putting together an inspiring documentary series about the diversity of the American experience through the kitchen. The series is entitled Our American Kitchen, and is a collection of stories from real GE Appliances owners of different cultures, different traditions, different styles, different needs, and varying family sizes – to see how they are living their lives. I’ve had a sneak peak at some of the families and let me tell you – I cannot wait for you guys to see this series!

My Ideal White Kitchen | Design Ideas | White cabinets, Gray subway tile, Color schemes, and Appliances| #OurAmericanKitchen #ad

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So… onto my Dream Kitchen!

What needs do I have for my kitchen? What’s important to me? What is something I grew up with that I NEED to have in my kitchen?

A.K.A. What does MY American Kitchen look like?

Well… let me tell you!


Because I’m a food blogger and all of my photos are taken inside the kitchen, LOTS of natural light is a must! Bright and vibrant is what I want in my kitchen. I want people to feel comfortable and welcome when they come in to that area of our house.

Lots of storage space for all my dishes, pots, baking supplies, utensils, glassware, serving dishes, etc. {and even more for my food props :)}

Lots of counter space because you can never have too much counter space. Right now our kitchen doesn’t have an island, but I would love to have an island in our new house. It’s great for extra space but also can serve as a place for people to gather with their wine glasses and munch on appetizers during a dinner party.

Top notch appliances are a must! I want double ovens for sure, no more of this timing things out perfectly or trying to figure out how to shove everything in the oven around the holidays. Two high quality dishwashers – because two is better than one. A large 6 Burner Gas Stove Range with optional Grill on the side. A big exposed Stainless Steel Vent above the range. A Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator with MORE storage! I have to admit I’m kinda hooked on the GE Café™ Series right now!

Can you tell I’ve thought about this a bit? haha! 🙂

My Ideal White Kitchen | Design Ideas | White cabinets, Gray subway tile, Color schemes, and Appliances| #OurAmericanKitchen #ad

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I would love to have those cool custom organizer cabinets and drawers. You know the ones that help you store your pots and pans, Tupperware, and utensils so it doesn’t look like a hot mess every time you open the door/drawer.

We are wine and coffee drinkers, so I would love to have a little niche where all that stuff is housed.

I go through a lot of dishes during the week, especially when I’m recipe testing. A big Farm Tub sink is important; so I can actually fit all those cutting boards and baking sheets in it!

My Ideal White Kitchen | Design Ideas | White cabinets, Gray subway tile, Color schemes, and Appliances| #OurAmericanKitchen #ad

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Growing up, my mom had this one little built-in bookshelf area in the kitchen where she stored all her cookbooks. I can remember her walking over to look for an old family recipe in her boxes or skimming cookbooks to find dinner for that night. I would love to have a little built-in bookshelf in my kitchen so my kids can see the same thing.

My mom always involved my brother and I in the process of cooking. She loved the kitchen, food, and everything about it, and wanted to pass that passion down to us. Three in the kitchen is a lot, especially when they are all cooking. But with plenty of room between the counters to move around and not get in each other’s way, it’s not a problem. That is a must!

So, I’ve shared my idea of what MY American Kitchen looks like? How about you? What does your dream kitchen look like?

My Ideal White Kitchen | Design Ideas | White cabinets, Gray subway tile, Color schemes, and Appliances| #OurAmericanKitchen #ad

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In fact, better yet, to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card, leave a comment below and tell me what your Dream Kitchen NEEDS to have!

If you need some inspiration head over to – they have a really cool Design Center with TONS of inspiration!

Or head over to my Pinterest Board –> Inside my Dream Kitchen


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My Ideal White Kitchen | Design Ideas | White cabinets, Gray subway tile, Color schemes, and Appliances| #OurAmericanKitchen #ad



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  1. Claudia Davis

    MY American Kitchen has a ton of counter space with either marble or granite tops. Right now I barely cook because I have a tiny kitchen with almost NO counter space. Its beyond frustrting.

  2. Crystal F

    It would have a country feel to it. I would love a big oak island, oak picnic type table and oak cabinets. Thank you!

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