Mothers Day “Wish List” Basket Giveaway

So this year will be my 3rd Mother’s Day. Which is kinda weird to say because my son is only 2 but he was born in April, then the next week was Mothers Day. So basically I scored with the way Mothers Day fell. 🙂 Woot woot!

Last year Mike totally blew me away with presents. He normally.. ok… always spoils me!!

Clearly, he just surprised me with a Napa Trip. {love that man}

Anyways, last year he pampered me hardcore. So when I was thinking of what to do for this Round Robin Mothers Day “Wish List” Giveaway, “PAMPER ME” was all I could think of.

By the way, you heard me right.. Its a ROUND ROBIN GIVEAWAY meaning you have 19 baskets to possibly win!!! You could win all of them, you could win 3 of them, or you could win just 1.  But all you have to do is go to each blog and enter. Easy enough right?

To see all of the other baskets up close, as well as enter to win all of them, click on the links below.

Enter to win each and every basket or just the ones that really speak to you…your call! The baskets’ contents have been personally selected by each blogger— they’re filled with items to pamper, crafty fun, home decor and household items, beautiful jewelry, organizing supplies, yumminess, handbags, gift cards and more! There’s something for everyone.


Click to enter each of the basket giveaways you see above:

1. Five Heart Home 2. Kleinworth & Co. 3. Joyful Healthy Eats
7. Domestically Speaking 8. Shaken Together
13. Lemon Tree Dwelling 14. Mary Organizes
15. Happy Go Lucky Blog 16. Your Homebased Mom


These are a few of things I like to buy when I just want to “pamper myself”. So without further adieu, the pamper me basket! 🙂 {ahem… you’re suppose to look below now}

mothers day gift basket 2

For those of you who don’t have x-ray vision, let me break it down for ya! 🙂 {from left to right}

Mothers Day Giveaway 3

The Ghiradelli Chocolate Cookbook – who doesn’t want to sit down with anything chocolate?

Lite Blue Designed Scarf with Turquoise & Gold Earrings – These beauties are from World Market, one of my favorite places to shop and get jewelry or scarfs at!

White Tea Jasmine Bath Salts & Aruba Aloe Body Lotion – I’m all about ending the day with a nice bubbly bath!

Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub – A homemade exfoliate, great as we head into the summer season to help keep your skin clean, soft, and healthy after spending time in the sun!

Exfoliating Bath Cloth – I mean really, I just like anything that exfoliates so I thought I would include this one. 🙂

Ok, folks, so thats it. I hope you like it as much as I do. If I could enter my own giveaway I would, but alas, I cannot.  Plus, this is for you, not me! Be sure to enter and then head over to the next giveaway.

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