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Morsels of Joy: The Ninja

I’ve gone through more blenders than I’d like to admit, but I’ve finally found a worthy, long-lasting blender in The Ninja! With quality craftsmanship and five layers of blades, this blender is the real deal.

The Ninja Faraway Blender on a Wooden Table

Morsels of Joy: The Ninja Blender

I have always had a love hate relationship with blenders. For whatever reason they usually fit in one of two categories: ¹ Broken upon arrival ² Realize that they were purchased by Krista and decide to act like they are being tortured and then die. Usually it falls in the latter.

I have researched, experimented, purchased and failed at buying 3 blenders in 5 years. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty positive that a blender should have a longer life-span than a year and a half. I mean seriously!!!

Our first blender, was a wedding gift. I was super excited to use it because I LOVE chocolate banana shakes and wanted my husband to share my love. I put all the ingredients in, smiling from ear to ear knowing the deliciousness that was about to be made, turn my blender on and….. nothing! Broken upon arrival. Awesome. Enter the second blender, which was purchased at Walgreens by my husband to replace the first. So you can only imagine the amazing quality, needless to say I was thankful for him trying to please his new bride and his thoughtfulness. This one worked great the first time and even the second. But then the motor started acting like I had put nails in the blender to puree and started smoking. Dead. Awesome… again!

Can’t a girl just have a blender to make a shake… seriously!!!

This time, I was determined to do some research and make sure that the next purchase was a good one. I scoured through review after review and did research on the food network to see what brand Giada, Rachel, and Bobby Flay were using. Ok, I think I got it. Cuisinart. I go to Bed Bath & Beyond and use one of my bazillion 20% off coupons to purchase my new blender, you know you all have one of those sitting around. Get home and… SUCCESS! It works! It did great for about a year and then I started using it more frequently to puree Cason’s food and it started short circuiting. I would be in the middle of pureeing and it would randomly turn off, or start smoking, or moving around on the counter as I was blending almost as if saying “P-L-E-A-S-E don’t touch me”. One day I had just finished making some applesauce and had one more batch of sweet potato puree to go. I emptied out the applesauce, washed the blender, started drying it and … BANG… broken glass ALL over the floor. It slipped right through my hands and shatters into tiny pieces in every possible nook and cranny. To this day I still think that it saw the sweet potatoes on the counter and decided to commit blender suicide. 

Enter blender number four! This time I decided to go based on looks, I mean most people do that when trying to find a spouse so why not a blender? I thought to myself I need the one that looks like it would tear up, beat up, or destroy any piece of  food that came across its path.  As I walked down the aisle, remember this is how people choose their spouse, suddenly I saw it.  There it was, sitting in all it’s glory, as if it had my name written all over it.  The clouds parted, a heavenly beam of light shown down, the reflection off the majestic blades made them sparkle.  I even heard the Hallelujah Chorus start to fill the airwaves.

The NINJA!!!

This thing is amazing and literally makes me smile and laugh like a crazed scientist every time I use it. Such JOY!

The Ninja Blender on a Table by the Window

It has 5 layers of intense blades that say “I’m going to chop you like there’s no tomorrow!”

The Unique Layout of Blades on the Ninja Blender

I must admit I am a little afraid every time I have to wash it because these blades are so intense. But I should be scared of my blender… right?

It most assuredly is a NINJA. My NINJA! 🙂

The Ninja Faraway Blender on a Wooden Table

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4 comments on “Morsels of Joy: The Ninja”

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    Stacey @ Newlywed Survival

    I have had horrible experiences with blenders! Once I was making a soup and had to blend some of the ingredients…needless to say, there was a reason they recommended cooling the ingredients off before putting in the glass blender, lol! Maybe the Ninja could handle it???

    1. haha.. I can just picture it now… and I really can because I have SOOOO done the same thing! I am confident the Ninja could handle it. But you could also get one of those submersion blenders, they are awesome.