Morsels of Joy: Little Man Adventures

My son Cason is the JOY of my life! He could be crying for hours but as soon as he flashes that dimple filled smile my heart just melts and I forget about all the drama that unraveled before.

Usually when I am in the kitchen cooking or taking pictures he finds his way into the room and starts to explore. He has now figured out where to go to grab our dog’s food and play in the water.


Discovered there is a lot more stuff to see when you look outside through the window, and that the feel of your tongue/mouth on the cold window feels great! It’s very soothing. (not that I’ve ever tried this)


He is very familiar with what goes on in front of the highchair, but not quite sure what goes on behind it. So he thought he would take a little peak.


Apparently, not too interesting, so on to the next adventure. (Love his little Michael Jordan look when he sticks out his tongue to really concentrate.)


But his favorite most recent discovery is that he can army crawl under the dinner table chairs. But he has not quite figured out how to get out yet.


All in all I love my crazy life, love taking care of my family, and love this cute little man who loves to be in the kitchen with his momma. He is my JOY!

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