Cranberry Orange Muffins #cranberry #muffins #breakfast #holiday

How to Make Moist Cranberry Orange Muffins

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The perfect fall inspired Muffin recipe. The tartness from the Cranberries combined with the sweet citrus taste from the Orange is a great way to start the morning!
So I have realized that being a mom means your mornings are a little chaotic. Trying to take a shower, get dressed, blow dry my hair, then get my son dressed, feed him, and get out the door. Usually I forget to eat breakfast myself. So, I love to have quick grab-n-go breakfasts on hand. For me that usually means Apple Pumpkin Muffins, Morning Glory Muffins, or Lemon Blueberry Scones. Do you sense a pattern?


Yup, pretty much love muffins. When I was pregnant with Cason I use to stop almost every morning at a cute little cafe and get this Ginger Cranberry Muffin. It was amazing! The cranberries were perfectly tart and the ginger soothed any nausea I had {a much needed thing during the 1st trimester}. Even though I like the ginger in that muffin, I like the cranberry orange combination much more.  So today I am featuring another delicious muffin recipe, Cranberry Orange Muffins! There is a secret ingredient in these muffins that makes them super moist!

To get started, preheat oven to 400º. In a large bowl, combine 2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.
Cranberry Orange Muffins 4
Stir in 1 cup of cranberries to dry ingredients. In a small bowl, beat 1 egg,  3/4 cup of orange juice, 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil, and 1 teaspoon of grated orange rind.
Cranberry Orange Muffins 2
Add wet mixture to dry ingredients, stir to combine until it is just moistened. Spray muffin tin with PAM and spoon mixture into tin until 3/4 full.
Cranberry Orange Muffins 5
Bake for 15-20 minutes until lightly browned. Remove from oven, let cool, and serve! :)
Cranberry Orange Muffins #cranberry #muffins #breakfast #orange #holiday

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Cranberry Orange Muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12 muffins
  • 2 cups flour
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup cranberries
  • 1 egg
  • ¾ cup orange juice
  • ¼ cup melted coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon grated orange zest
  1. Preheat oven to 400º.
  2. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
  3. Stir in cranberries.
  4. In a small bowl, beat egg, orange juice, melted coconut oil, and grated orange zest.
  5. Add wet mixture to dry ingredients, stir to combine until it is just moistened.
  6. Spray muffin tin with PAM and spoon mixture into tin until ¾ full.
  7. Bake for 15-20 minutes until lightly browned.
  8. Remove and serve! :)
Recipe adapted from

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Lovely comments

  1. says

    Krista, these muffin are beautiful! These would be wonderful for a holiday brunch or Christmas morning! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe – pinning! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

    • says

      Your so sweet, thank you Cindy! They are so going on my Christmas Morning menu when we have everyone over! :) Thanks for stopping by and for the pin, as always! :) Hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday!

  2. says

    These look like an awesome Christmas breakfast for those days near the holidays where you’re rushing out the door to meet family but the kids took too long getting ready to be able to eat breakfast. Or for gifts…or for yourself.

    Okay, let’s be honest. I’d probably eat these all myself while watching the Thanksgiving day parade. But that’s a compliment to how yummy they look!

    • says

      haha.. sadly I just polished these off yesterday. But alas, I have more cranberries in the frig! Hurray! :)

      Definitely going to have to make them for Christmas morning! Great idea Dani! :) Thanks for stopping by and the sweet foodie compliments! :)

    • says

      I know me too! So glad that most recipes only call for a cup because that means more cranberries in the frig for the next recipe! Who hoo! :) Thanks for stopping by Melanie!

  3. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says

    Cranberry and orange are one of my favorite winter flavor combos! I should make my kiddos these muffins tone morning soon! Pinning!

  4. says

    Krista, these are perfect to make ahead of time and eat them while we have those busy mornings! Boy, it’s hard to even get out of the house and get boys ready. I can’t even imagine having a daughter to deal with, can you?!

    • says

      haha.. It be quite comical watching me get a little girl ready. I can’t even do my own hair more less anyone elses.. eeek! Praying for all boys! :)

      These were perfect last week and because they were too tart for Cason I got them all to myself.. hehe! :)

    • says

      haha…. I’m right there with ya girl! :) They are the perfect breakfast and/or snack! Thanks for stopping by Meghan, hope you have a great rest of your Thursday!

  5. says

    Getting out the door on time while looking decent and eating breakfast = never happens for me :)
    I love to have muffins on hand though and these look awesome! I actually think that I have never bought fresh cranberries, but all these blogger recipes with cranberries are making me a bit jealous…I may just have to get some for myself!

    • says

      Do it Do it! They are delicious, and the good thing is most recipes only call for 1 cup so you can get like 2-3 recipes out of 1 bag! No thats a deal! hehe Hope you have a great rest of the day sweet friend!

    • says

      I bet your mornings are busy with lab and stuff, can’t imagine! I hope these muffins make it into your morning routine sometime, and I think the tartness will definitely wake you up. hehe! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. says

    I actually just made some cranberry orange muffins earlier this week and have cranberries leftover that would go perfect in your muffins. Thanks for the recipe.

    • says

      Awesome! They are so my favorite holiday muffin, plus they just look festive with the red. :) hehe. Hope you get a chance to make them Britni, thanks for stopping by!

    • says

      Aww.. thanks Brooke! That means alot! :) The cranberries all over the place was fun but not fun for clean up.. hehe. :) Thanks for stopping by and the comment love! Your so sweet, and thanks for the pin!

  7. says

    I love the use of the coconu oil in these delicious muffins! These muffins would be awesome to have for my BOY to grab in the morning when we are running late for school! As a mom of boys only I find it’s there laziness that makes me late ever morning! Grrr! Gotta love them!

    • says

      Oh, tahny it is so good and the coconut oil makes it super moist! :)

      I don’t have to worry about being late for school yet, but its definitely hard to get too people ready in the morning when the other doesnt want to cooperate. :) I feel ya there! Thanks for stopping by sweet friend, hope you have a great rest of the day!

  8. says

    Oh yum! You’re such an amazing baker, Krista!! I love the addition of coconut oil! I wish I could grab one or two of these muffins as I race out the door in the mornings. So wish we were neighbors…

    • says

      Your too sweet and way to kind because I definitely don’t consider myself a baker. Baking is a science and I don’t like being told how much of this to add or of that.. I need freedom and space thats why I like cooking. hehe. :) The coconut oil in this is amazing! If I had some left I would send them your way, and we are kinda neigbors… two hours away. :)

  9. says

    These muffins look wonderful! Cranberries and oranges together are perfect especially this time of year and I would definitely be one happy camper if I had a few of these muffins for my breakfast in the mornings :) I love that you used coconut oil too. Thanks for sharing Krista – pinning and can’t wait to try these :)

    • says

      You are so right, these two are like two peas in a pod and especially stunning around the holidays. I hope you get a chance to make these muffins, the coconut oil makes them moist! :) Thanks for pinning!

  10. says

    I’m blown away by the amount of yumminess on this page! These muffins hooked me right away at a linky party (Inspiration Mon.) and all the other recipes below…Goodness, my breakfasts are about to be UPgraded for sure. Thanks for sharing, Krista. Pinning~!

    • says

      Awww.. thanks so much Jelli! Your too funny, always love it when I can upgrade my meals and girl this is definitely a breakfast upgrade! :) Thanks for the pin and for stopping by!

  11. Carol says

    Made these yesterday with my son for his preschool class.
    Omitted the sugar entirely and added 1/4 cup applesauce and 2 tbsp of maple syrup.
    The cranberries were dried and sweetened with apple juice.
    They are delicious and were a hit. Next time I will add more coconut oil, they were a little dry perhaps from using dry cranberries instead of fresh. Thanks for the recipe :)

    • says

      Yeah Carol! So excited that they were a hit. Love all the changes you made. Was the applesauce sweetened or unsweetened? I bet the maple syrup gave it a great flavor! I think you were right to use the dried cranberries for your sons preschool class, the fresh might have been to tart. {at least they were for my little guy}, so yeah more coconut oil or applesauce should moisten those babys right up! Thanks for sharing your feedback with me, always love hearing it!

  12. Nance says

    I love the cranberry orange muffins! I was skeptical they would be tasty but they were moist and flavorful. I changed a few things – replaced 1/2 cup of flour with whole wheat flour and 1 tablespoon of wheat germ. I also added about 1/4 cup of crushed almonds.

    • says

      Great Nance! I’m so glad to hear that. :) They are definitely moist which is always my favorite part. I’m skeptical of muffin recipes too, in fact was a little nervous about it to be honest. But man are they good, especially with the slight orange hint. :) The changes you made sound great. I will have to try it, love the almonds you added for some crunch!

  13. Emilia says

    Hi beautiful page!
    I live in Africa and just have access to dry sweetened cranberries. I also don’t have access to coconut oil. What changes you recommend to work around what I have And what i don’t have?I ask you the expert, since I don’t have too many resources here to waste ingredients experimenting.
    Many thanks beautiful and generous website

    • says

      Hey Emilia, first off so awesome that you are from Africa. I feel so honored! As far as the recipe and things you could sub it with. This recipe actually calls for fresh cranberries so if you have those, totally use them, if not then you could do blueberries. In place of the coconut oil, you could use canola oil or melted butter. {same amount 1/4 cup} I hope that helps! Enjoy, thanks so much for stopping by Emilia! God bless!

    • says

      Thanks for the pin Allie, I hope you get a chance to try them. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me a happy SITS Day, means alot girl!

  14. says

    These look wonderful. I could eat muffins all day long. I am gluten free so will simply use gf flour and give them a try. Enjoy your SITS day!

    • says

      Oh Pam, I am right there with you on the muffin thing ! I am on the Paleo diet right now and just made some apple cinnamon ones yesterday with coconut flour. They were delicious. Can’t wait to share them next week. :) Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    • says

      haha.. ohhh good ole’ capn’ crunch. :) These will definitely be better than that, taste wise and healthy wise. :) Thanks for stopping by Christina!

    • says

      Thanks Keia! He would for sure. Its sweet, citrusy, and tangy all at the same time. :) Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great rest of the week!

  15. Elizabeth says

    Just made these according to the recipe and they are tender, moist, and delicious! I pulsed the cranberries in the food processor as a personal preference and topped some of them with crushed cereal and slivered almonds for fun. Thanks for the recipe: I’ll use it again and again!

    • says

      Oh.. love the idea of the pulsed cranberries and almonds for some crunch. I will have to try that next time Elizabeth. So glad you enjoyed the recipe, always love hearing peoples experiences.

  16. Mika says

    These are great… I only had dried cranberries, so I used the oj to reconstitute them. I know they are missing a bit of the tart from the fresh cranberries but still turned out great! Next time I think I will add some ground flax for an extra kick of nutrition.

    • says

      Great idea on reconstituting the cranberries Mika, bet it had a bit of an every orange punch. So glad they turned out and love the addition of flax seed for an extra nutrition!

  17. anja says

    hello Krista, I tried your recipe last night and I love the result. Used brown sugar to sprinkle on top of the muffins – delicious.

    Thank you for the recipe

    Greetings from Germany

    • says

      Awesome Anja! So glad that you liked it and love the brown sugar sprinkle that you added, sounds delicious!

      P.S. so excited that someone from Germany is making my recipes… how cool is that!? :)

  18. says

    These just came outta the oven! They are delish! I made a few changes: my grocery store didn’t have fresh cranberries and I had some dried cherries on hand, and we have an egg allergy so I subbed the egg for flaxseed. I wish I had fresh cranberries as I think that would have made these a million times better, but they are great! Thanks!

    • says

      Yeah I know, they don’t have fresh cranberries in the store yet. Major bummer, but girl when they do you NEED to try it!

      Smart change with the flaxseed for the egg allergy. So glad you liked them Sarah!

      • Sarah says

        So, after I ate all the ones I made last week, I decided to try a new combination…. I made lemon blueberry! Holy-yum! I used your recipe, but used the juice of one lemon, lemon zest and rice milk instead of orange juice. And I used fresh blueberries. ::swoon:: thanks for this recipe, I love how versatile it is. I can’t wait to come up with more combinations. One note: another commenter mentioned that the muffins were dry when they used dried cranberries instead of fresh. I found that to be the case the first time I made these with dried fruit. However when I used fresh blueberries they were so incredibly moist. I think the fresh fruit is really the key!!

        • says

          You are so right the fresh fruit is totally the key. Unfornunately, cranberries are sold fresh year round BUT you can buy them frozen and then dethaw! :) Win!

          So excited that you love this recipe and are making it your own.. now you have me in the mood for cranberry muffins. I think I’m gonna make some tomorrow with my little man. :) Thanks so much for popping in, writing a note, and telling me your experience. LOVE hearing stuff like that girl. Have a great rest of the week Sarah!

  19. Lindsay says

    Made these today and they are amazing! Didn’t have coconut oil so just subbed veg oil and added an orange glaze bc I had more oj to use up and powdered sugar on hand. Thx for the great recipe!

  20. says

    Hi-they’re in the oven. I just have to say that I was delighted with the amount this made! I keep making things with recipes that that make way too much!


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