About Me

Hi, I’m Krista, and I’m super excited that you found my little corner of the web. {that’s me telling you “its about time!!}


I’m not really one to talk about myself, but who really is?! I thought instead of some long eloquently written biography {which you probably wouldn’t read through anyways… lets be honest}, I thought I would give some quick snipets of who I am and why I blog!

{Fun Facts}

I am a lover of Jesus Christ, and desire to honor Him in all I do and say. I grew up in the Midwest, Wisconsin to be exact and am so glad to live in Texas now. {finally warm weather!!} I am absolutely petrified of spiders and still have my husband kill them when they are in the house. Anything with 8 legs is just weird!  I received a scholarship to play Volleyball in College and graduated with a degree in Sports Wellness and Management. I have hit a person with a car. {now I know that sounds bad, but I had just got my temporary drivers license and I was only going 15 MPH… it was his fault, he walked in front of me!!} I LOVE everything about the Fall season. I ate a whole batch of brownies BY MYSELF the night before my wedding.

{My Other Half}

My husband Mike and I met when I was in college. He had graduated 4 YEARS prior {yes he robbed the cradle}, but was in the Chicago area and decided to come to one of his sisters volleyball games, thats how we met. While sitting in the stands he looked down on the court and saw the person who was to become his wife. ME in sexy spandex and volleyball uniform. Apparently, the first thing he thought was “Wow, she’s really good and she’s cute.” That was my freshman year, we actually didn’t start dating until later. My Junior year I decided to go down to Texas for an Easter vacation getaway with Mikes sister.  While I was there I watched him make cookies blindfolded, that was all it took, he had won me over. :) But I didn’t have a chance to resist his charm, you see he had everyone down in Texas praying that I would “realize that he was the best thing that could ever happen to me.” We dated for 11 months, long distance the entire time!

mike and me

We were engaged for 5 months, and got married right after I graduated from College in 2006. This man is incredible and truly is my other half.

wedding cream city photography

He calms me down in those “hyper freak out moments”. Has a way of making me, a 1st born control freak, lighten up a bit. Makes me laugh when I’m a “debbie downer”. Listens when my heart is hurt and I just need to vent.  And is an incredible leader to our family! So glad to be married to this man! Plus… look at how cute he is!!! {Back off ladies… he’s mine! No touch!}



{Our Family}

Right now we are currently at 1 child, but are open for growth! {hopefully soon.. we’re practicing a lot. :)}


Our son, Cason, was born last April and has been the joy of our lives! His little personality cracks me up and watching him learn about the world and how everything works has been truly incredible.


{Why I Blog}

Well, the short answer is I’m addicted to food. The long answer is…. I’m addicted to food. :) So all in all… what have we learned? “Krista is addicted to food.” Good food at that! Oh, and I love to mess around in the kitchen and share my successes and failures with you!

For a more serious answer. In January 2013, I officially became a stay at home mom. I hated missing out on all the new things my son was learning. While being at home has been awesome, I also knew that if I didn’t find something else to do with my day I would go nuts. I LOVE to cook and create new dishes and that is how Joyful Healthy Eats was born.

{What to Expect?}

Healthy Recipes, Cooking Tips, Step by Step Instructions, Recommendations for Kitchen Essentials, Yummy looking Food Photography, and well.. ME! :) I want to get to know who you are while you get to know who I am.

I can’t wait to meet you, so don’t be shy, introduce yourself!

Contact me at JoyfulHealthyEats {at} gmail {dot} com


{New? Start Here..}

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